Why I still Plan to Travel


People keep asking me about my upcoming visit to Jay…it’s almost here! I’ve been really excited to tell people about our plans when I’m in Europe, but lately I’ve started to get a little annoyed by some of the comments. People are all excited to hear about the Netherlands and Paris, but when I mention going to Belgium they react with more hesitation.

I understand that people want me to stay safe and I intend to be safe when I travel. But am I to live my life in fear? Am I to avoid certain attractions and crowded places because it may spark a threat? Should I shelter myself from the world because some people in it are dangerous? I won’t do it. I will not live my life in fear of what might happen. I will continue to travel to foreign countries and within the US just the same.

Am I afraid? Sure. I know the world is full of danger, but I’d rather focus on the more interesting things in the world. I want to explore different environments, learn about other cultures, and see the world. There is so much to see, even more to learn, and endless experiences to be had. I will not let them go to waste.

Life is already short. Don’t let fear shorten it further.



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