7 Signs Your LDR is Working

We all have heard doubts about long distance relationships and I’m sure a lot of us have also felt some doubt, but luckily a lot of us also realize that LDRs can be successful. If you ever start to feel a sliver of doubt, reflect on your relationship. Look for these 7 signs that your LDR is headed on the path to success:


1. You smile whenever you think of them. If receiving a short text from your SO brings a big smile to your face you must be doing something right.


2. You spend all of your time planning visits. You spend your time chatting and planning your next visit, even when you just got home from your last one! The excitement from your visits carries over into the next one, no matter how big a gap there is in between them.


3. You can’t wait to share your day with them. You’re at work and they’re sleeping, but something really funny just happened…you can’t wait to tell them all about it!


4. Even the most trivial thing seems special.What’d you eat today?’ is probably the most common topic of conversation between Jay and I…and it never gets old! We love hearing about the little things in each other’s life.


5. They naturally pop up in conversation. Often times I’m talking with a friend and something comes up that reminds me of Jay. Sometimes I don’t even realize I started mentioning him because it comes so naturally to the conversation!


6. You help each other de-stress. Whenever I’m having a bad day or I feel stressed I turn to Jay for support. As soon as we start talking it’s like all of the problems disappear. Talking together is the best therapy.


7. There are no doubts. Can’t think of anything negative about your relationship other than the massive distance between you? If no doubts come to mind then you’re headed in the right direction.

How do you and your SO know you’re headed down the path to a successful relationship? Do you have any examples of any of the seven signs? I’d love to hear your feedback! Comment below 🙂


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