Four Perks of an LDR Reunion

I’ve been so busy this past month working OT that I haven’t had much time to think about it, but the excitement of my upcoming trip has finally hit me. I am seeing Jay in FIVE days. We have so many activities and trips planned during my visit. But what am I most excited for? Of course I’m excited for the adventures we’ll have within the Netherlands and in Paris but, like any other person in a LDR, I’m more excited for some of the simple things. What makes LDR reunions even greater than regular vacations?

Hugs – You never realize how much you miss hugs until the person you hug the most moves away. Nothing feels better than  a big hug after months of not seeing each other! I can’t wait to hop off the plane into Jay’s arms.


Food – One of my favorite things about reunions with Jay is sharing meals together. We both love to cook, but cooking is a lot more fun when there’s two of us! It’s always fun to make something new or to cook an old favorite.


Pictures – Part of being in a LDR means you get to spam your friends’ social media feeds with pictures when you do reunite! Sorry in advance, friends.


Memories – Being in a LDR means that whenever you are together you will value that time since it’s such a fleeting gift. It’s such an amazing feeling to experience these adventures together and tto reflect on them again later.


From my experiences, a LDR offers unique perks to every visit with your SO. It’s not always about the extravagant adventures and exploring cities (although I am extremely excited for this as well) . Sometimes it is all about the simple interactions and moments: hand holding, hugs, and taking pictures together. What are your favorite things to do on visits with your SO?


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