My Monthly 3: May Edition


I’m a little off my game when it comes to consistency. It seems I didn’t write a goals post in April and I am a little late on the May Edition. Since I don’t remember writing my March goals I needed to refer back to them for the recap.

My goals in March were to create a blogging schedule, be more consistent at work, and drink more water. I was surprised to see that I have actually accomplished one of those goals. While I clearly didn’t make a schedule for blog posts,  I was able to buckle down and get more work done. I was gearing up for my vacation right in the middle of a busy season, but I prioritized well and was able to get a lot more done than I expected before my trip. Sadly, drinking more water is a repeat goal for many months because I can’t seem to stick with it. It doesn’t help that my office building has been under construction and sometimes we don’t have water!

Since I missed last month, I want to make sure I have good goals for May. I will need a lot of encouragement and support to accomplish these so I hope you can help me!

De-clutter. I am in some serious need of spring cleaning. Out with the old and in with the organization tactics! I’ve already started the process by going through my clothes. I have three big bags of clothes/shoes to donate. I’ve also begun going through my possessions and deciding on ones to sell or get rid of. There’s a long way to go to get where I want, but I am on the track.

Drink more water. Do I sound like an Aquafina commercial yet? I am determined to make this happen. Now that I’m back to my old routine I need to introduce a new water-drinking initiative.

Run Run Run. My post-vacation belly is dragging me down…literally. When I was away I ate so many foods (a lot of them with sugar) but I also did a lot of walking to explore around Paris and the Netherlands. Now I’m back to sitting on my butt all day in a cubicle. I need to kick myself back into gear and get running!

Have you made any goals for the month of May? I would love to hear them. If you have any advice or words of encouragement feel free to comment those below as well. Let’s make May the best month yet. 🙂




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