Life’s Impossibilities


Sometimes life throws you into an impossible situation, something nobody would be prepared for. You find yourself spinning in a whirlwind of shock, sadness, and anger. All of this negative energy propels you faster and faster until you finally grow too tired to keep up with it. You’re flung into an abyss, awakening confused and feeling completely empty inside.

But even if this situation is impossible to comprehend, to cope with, or to talk about we still manage to get back up on our feet. We continue on in our day-to-day lives, going to work and catching up with friends. We distract ourselves from the pain within and try to remember our old life. After some time it will get easier. We’ll begin to feel numb and then the ache will start fading away until we barely notice it. But it will never fully leave us.

The tears we cried, our fits of rage, and our moments of loneliness will forever shape our future. We experience things that are almost inconceivable, things you can’t explain to anyone else. But we manage to struggle our way through them with the few beams of support reaching out to us. They may not reach out quite far enough, but every little bit helps guide us towards recovery.

Life knocks us down, throws us around, and even stomps on us from time to time. It’s okay to accept defeat. Just don’t stay down for too long. Take the necessary time to heal and come back stronger than ever before, holding with you the strenght you’ve gained from each of life’s obstacles.



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