4 Signs Your LDR is Working


We all know LDRs are tough. There’s no denying it. Every once in awhile you’re filled with confusion and doubts about your future together. Nothing is certain and this can take a toll on your confidence. But you shouldn’t have to feel this way. There are some surefire ways to tell your LDR is headed down the road to success.

1. You smile every time you see them. Whether you’re on a Skype call or you get to see them in person for a visit, every moment makes you smile. You laugh at their stupid jokes and can’t stop staring at them with a big doofy grin on your face.

2. Arguments are rational. It’s healthy to argue, especially in situations where everything seems to be against you. But you only fight over rational concerns. You get upset when you’re worried about him and he gets mad when you’re down on yourself. Both of you fight over how to close the distance while saving money at the same time. There isn’t any time wasted on petty problems. It’s always something important to the relationship or your wellbeing.

3. Their presence is enough. Even when there is nothing to talk about you find a conversation. And if you really have nothing to talk about you don’t mind staying on the Skype call just to be around each other. Just hanging out together makes you happy.

4. There’s still a surprise. LDRs are based on routines. There is a certain time of day when you can schedule time to talk and all visits are planned in advance. But if you still have some surprises, you’re doing it right. Every once in awhile I’ll send a random letter or receive a mystery package. This is not only fun, but it helps strengthen our bond.

LDRS are special. They’re unique, they’re difficult, and they can be incredibly fun if you let them. It really is the simple things that help a LDR survive. So take note of the little aspects of your LDR you appreciate most. These may just be the key to your success and a happy life together.




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