Lay Down Your Gavel


Lately I’ve really opened my eyes to see just how judgmental most people are of others. Of course I form my own judgments of people. I’ve been known to crack a few jokes at the expense of others, but I’m trying to change that because there is too much toxicity in the world. Everyone is so quick to judge and why is that? You don’t get any personal gain from breaking others down, yet still people feel compelled to input their opinions on other people’s lives all too often.

Let’s take the recent story out of Orlando where the little boy was snatched by an alligator. I’ll admit, I was a little judgmental on this one. If there are signs displayed that tell you not to swim you shouldn’t be going in the water! But that’s not really the point is it?

This news story shouldn’t bring about a blame game for what should have happened in this situation. A little boy’s life was lost. It doesn’t matter if it were a fluke accident or a result of human error because either way he’s still not coming back. This young toddler was visiting Disney with his parents, a trip that should have been one of the best of his life. But instead, this young boy lost his life.

I feel nothing but sadness for this family. The loss of life is always difficult, but even more so when it’s the life of a child. So before you judge these parents for their parenting skills stop and think for a minute about what they must be feeling right now. Your comments will only break their hearts more as they try to come to peace with the horrific tragedy of losing their son.

There is much to be learned from situations like this. We should not be so quick to judge others, especially those with stories in the media. You never know the circumstances of an event unless you are there. And even then, if you are not directly involved you will not fully understand everything. Unless their choices have a direct impact on your life you should not judge other people’s actions. It’s their life, not yours, and they are entitled to live it however they please. You are allowed to disagree with how they run their life, but you should not live your life criticizing other people’s decisions on a daily basis.

You have the freedom to think and speak how you wish but that doesn’t mean you need to be an asshole. I’m tired of hearing people bash others simply because they adopt a different lifestyle. Who cares if someone wants to wear yoga pants every day? Nobody should. Why do we care that others waste their money on things we think are stupid instead of saving it? We shouldn’t. What makes our life so superior to the life of others? Nothing.

Stop judging people for their parenting skills. Stop judging people for what they wear in public. Stop judging people for the way they talk or what they like to do. Stop judging people for their weight. Stop judging people by the food they eat or the car they drive.

Help give the world a much-needed attitude adjustment and stop judging others.



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