Listen to the Rain


There’s something comforting about a summer rain. I’ve always felt this way, but maybe never realized it until now. It’s as if each small splash on the ground is a hand pressing into your mind for a gentle massage. The sound echoes through the trees, passes through the walls, and releases itself on you. Your whole body starts to relax and your mind is already unwinding, synchronized with the rhythm of the raindrops. It’s almost as if rain is the reset button in a chaotic world, erasing the tensions that plague us and replacing them with peace of mind.

Last night the rain gently splashed on the ground as I posted up in bed with my kindle. It was the first time in months that I have let myself get absorbed in a book and truly relax. For a few hours I forgot about my phone, my emails, my social media accounts. I forgot about friends, about family, and about life. I could feel the stresses of work and life drifting farther away from me as I fell deeper into the story.

Next thing I knew it was 2am and I was finished with the The Girl on the Train. My mind was trying to grasp the story (which I had read almost in its entirety in this one sitting) when I began to hear the rain again. It hadn’t stopped raining while I read. In fact, it actually began to rain much harder than earlier in the evening. But I was only noticing it now. The rain had initially cleared my mind so I was more focused on the book, but eventually I was brainwashed by the story, forgetting all of my surroundings. I had no concept of time or weather and I didn’t even really care about either. What fascinates me about this is how powerful rain and a book can be without us taking notice.

Life is chaotic. Let yourself be immersed by a book. Relax and listen to the rain.


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