The Inner Balance


It’s true when they say being an adult it tough. You have to balance work, family, friends, and yourself all at the same time and at least one of those things will inevitably be neglected. There comes a point where you need to stop, take a deep breath, and really focus on what you want in life. But why does such a seemingly simple task  feel so difficult?

When we are younger we aren’t given much responsibility. We are taught to listen to instructions in school and are almost trained (at least in the USA) to think a certain way. If we read a book, we aren’t encouraged to have our own opinions about the underlying message if these opinions don’t match the teacher’s ideas. So we train ourselves to fulfill assignments with only the grade in mind. We don’t use our own interpretations of novels or think outside of the box for fear of failure.

This begins to change when we go to university. Professors are slightly more accepting of different interpretations in papers, but still not fully accepting. We are stuck in a weird transition between having creative freedom with our assignments and still programming ourselves to respond exactly to the professor’s ideals.

And then we graduate.

We are thrown into the adult world with nobody to force our thinking a certain way. We are told to apply for our own jobs, with little instruction on how to compose a resume or attend an interview. We are expected to find an apartment, a car, a job. All at once we’re faced with bills and responsibilities we never even knew existed, simply because we grew up. And it is tough.

There is nobody qualified enough to coach you through the decisions of life. You need to make all of these important choices about a job, an apartment, a car, etc…all by yourself. You may have some people supporting you, but you alone must make these decisions. That’s why the adult world is so difficult for most of us. We go from having very clear instructions from other people on how to live our life to being released into the world with nobody but ourselves. This sudden freedom is liberating, but it can also be a challenge. Life isn’t always easy, especially when we’re on our own. We need to learn how to prioritize the different aspects of our life so we don’t miss out on things.

One of the biggest challenges we’re faced with is how to balance health, work, family, friends, and other parts of our life. We may never find the perfect symbiosis between these aspects in our life, but we shouldn’t feel bad about this. We were never taught to make so many important decisions. If we find ourselves upset about not achieving the ideal balance in our life, this will only make us more unsteady.


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