8 Ways to Improve Your LDR

LDRs are tough, but they don’t have to be miserable. If you realize that you’re unhappy or that the distance between you and your SO feels like it’s growing, it might be time to make some changes. Lucky for you, change isn’t always a bad thing. Here are 8 relatively simple ways to improve your LDR.


  1. Make a Plan – Not all of us can see the end in sight and that makes the distance feel even more horrible. If you don’t have the resources to close the gap just yet you can make a plan for a visit or another special occasion to experience together (whether it’s in person or not). This will give both of you something to look forward to and hopefully shift your focus to that excitement rather than the sadness of being apart from one another.
  2. Skype Dates – It’s important to see and hear your partner in real time if you want it to feel like they’re closer to you. Schedule in a couple of Skype dates a week to make sure you still feel connected to each other. But be careful, too much of a good thing could be harmful to your relationship. If possible, limit Skype to a few times a week.


  3. Save the Conversation – If you text each other throughout the day and then Skype or later in the day you might be at a loss for words. Sometimes it’s better to wait and tell your SO over the phone/Skype rather than texting them the moment something happens. This way you’ll have a solid conversation when you Skype!


  4. Morning Texts – Nothing makes me quite as happy as waking up and seeing my whatsapp notifications from Jay. If you’re on a big time difference, leave some messages for your SO to wake up to…it’ll make their day!
  5. Picture TagIf you’re looking for a simple way to feel closer, this is it. Send your SO pictures and have them try to replicate your poses! It’s an easy and fun way to feel closer to each other.


  6. Snail Mail – I cannot advocate for this enough. Getting mail is one of the best feelings, especially when it’s not a bill. Surprise your SO every once in awhile with a letter or card. If there’s a special occasion or you’re feeling generous, send them a package! Then you can watch them open it over Skype.
  7. Be Honest – If you’re having trouble dealing with the distance don’t be afraid to speak up. Talk it out with your SO until you feel better. It’s important not to hide these feelings because the negativity will grow within you and can become toxic to your relationship. That being said, if you’re complaining a few times a week the LDR just might not work for you.
  8. Live Positively – There is a stigma attached to LDRs and I don’t really understand it. Sure, being in a LDR is tough, but there are a lot of good things that can come from one. No, seriously. It can be worth it. Enjoy your LDR for the new experiences and unique memories you’ll create during it. If you try to make the most of the situation you’ll come to love aspects of your LDR.

Don’t let negativity and criticism hold you back. Don’t let your doubts take over. Nobody said your LDR would be perfect, but it doesn’t have to be miserable either. Take a deep breath and follow these simple tips to a happier and healthier LDR.

*BONUS TIP – Although I said you should save the conversation for Skype, not all video calls need to have a lot of talking. Try watching a movie or show together, playing a game, or just going about your day. Sometimes just being in each other’s presence is enough.




4 thoughts on “8 Ways to Improve Your LDR

    1. Exactly! Video chats make the distance seem so much shorter and at times I even forget Jay and I aren’t actually in the same room. Our primary methods of communication are texting and Skype so I can’t imagine if we didn’t have the ability to video chat! Thanks for reading 🙂


      1. Our primary method of communication is the telephone, texting & video chat (here & there, cause he has a lot of trees where he is at which means horrible siginal)
        Seeing them makes it a bit easier to bare.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha I can definitely relate to the poor internet! Jay lived in Australia for a year and I always wondered why people say the internet there is bad…but it was horrible! Our Skype calls were so choppy and on multiple occasions the call would end abruptly and he never could get back on.
        It’s nice that you get to talk on the phone even if the video chat isn’t working well. Sometimes just hearing their voice is comforting enough. 🙂


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