My LDR: What it’s Like Watching the Olympics


The Olympics are a way to unite nations from all around the world. Viewers tune in to watch their country compete in a variety of events with the best athletes around the globe. But what is it like when your SO is from a different country?

Jay and I don’t get to watch many events together. Because of the time difference between us, the country preferences (what they like to air in each place), and the incredibly long delay in broadcasts (I’m talking about you, NBC) there are few events we get to watch at the same time. Not to mention all of those commercials…yup, still criticizing NBC. But when we do get to watch an event with both the USA and the Netherlands in competition it’s always a good time. It sparks a friendly competition between us. We like to see whose country performs better in the event and we may throw around some trash talk as the event unfolds.

But there’s also a sense of pride for each other’s country. USA isn’t in contention for a medal? Let’s go Netherlands!!! And even when we are both in medal contention, I still feel connected to the Dutch athletes. The horrific crash of Annemiek van Vleuten during the women’s cycling road race gave me chills as both Jay and I watched in silence (we happened to be Skyping at the time). Even though I’m not Dutch, my heart sank watching her lose the first spot and lay unconscious over a curb. Perhaps that’s not because she’s a Dutch athlete and more because she’s a human, but I still felt uneasy and scared watching that fall.

And although this event ended with the top USA biker losing out to a medal, I was still semi-gracious when a Dutch competitor won the event. I sat there sulking for about 5 minutes, even pushing my computer away from me so I didn’t have to look at Jay’s happy face while I tried to comprehend the USA going from  first to fourth in the last leg of the race. But after I got that sadness pushed out of my system I congratulated Jay and we continued watching the Olympics.

We haven’t watched any other events together, but I did catch the end of the USA vs. NL women’s team volleyball match. Luckily there were no hard feelings from Jay on that one. If we can’t watch the same event I try to let Jay know if a Dutch athlete is competing in an event on my TV. We root for each other’s athletes and like to keep each other updated with results of events. I congratulated Jay on the Netherlands’ women’s gymnastics team qualifying for the team all-around and updated him on one of the Dutch archery competitors.

I’m not sure if we’ll get to watch any other match-ups featuring the USA and the Netherlands during this Olympics, but we’ll continue to have friendly banter if the USA and the Netherlands face each other in events. We’ll try and watch some events together even if both countries aren’t competing in them. We’ll cheer for each other’s nation on

Do you and your SO watch the Olympics together? Is there a friendly rivalry between you two?


2 thoughts on “My LDR: What it’s Like Watching the Olympics

  1. I love this article! I can totally relate! My boyfriend and I just recently watched one of the soccer matches from his country together on skype and we plan to watch more events together soon 🙂

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! It’s a lot of fun watching events together but there aren’t a lot that we can both watch at the same time. I hope you get to watch more with him. 🙂


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