Did You Know the Ratio of Bikes to People in Holland is Greater Than One?


Being in a relationship together, you share countless moments with each other. And as you get older some of these memories start to fade into the past. Sometimes it’s frustrating when I remember an event and Jay has no recollection of it, but I realized that I forget certain moments as well. This doesn’t settle well with me. It means that a majority of our earlier memories are likely to drift away as we progress in our relationship. But what if I don’t want to lose sight of them? There are a few things I’ve started to do in order to keep these memories fresh in my mind.

  1. Enjoy the Moment – This may seem a little obvious, but with technology becoming more advanced people are quick to bury their head in their phones. Jay and I always try to stay “in the moment” to ensure we’ll have plenty of quality memories between both of us.
  2. Take a Picture – A little technology can go a long way. When we’re together we like to take snapshots of our day, even if it seems like we aren’t doing anything special. Looking at old photographs is such a refreshing feeling. It brings me back to a certain moment or series of moments in my life that I want to remember forever.
  3. Live in the Past – Although this may seem like a contradiction of my first suggestion, I cannot over-emphasize enough that you need to recall memories from your past. Don’t be afraid to bring them up again and again and again. If these moments made you happy before, why stop them from making you happy now?

Speaking of old memories, the title of my post is one of my earliest memories of Jay. We met at university orientation and became friends shortly after beginning our first semester. I remember learning Jay was Dutch and that his home-country was famous for Gouda cheese. I’m not confident I knew what country that was at the time, seeing as my geography knowledge is quite limited, but I was intrigued by this new foreign friend. Every once in awhile Jay would toss me a tidbit about the Netherlands or Europe or some cool place he visited, but I will never forget Jay turning to me one day and saying, “Did you know the ratio of bikes to people in Holland is greater than one?!” I just looked at him with a dumbfounded look and a “Huh?!” as he excitedly talked more in-depth about bicycles. I’m not entirely sure why this moment feels so special to me since it was such a simple interaction between us, but this is a memory I repeatedly bring up in conversation with Jay because I don’t want it to fade away from either of us.


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