How to Prepare for a LDR Visit


Jay’s visit is right around the corner and I have so much to do before he gets here. It’s hard to think about anything else when you’re anticipating your SO’s arrival, but it’s important to accomplish a few things before he makes landfall.  Follow this simple guide for an exciting and stress-free visit together!

Step 1. Plan Ahead – It’s important to be aware of what tasks you need to complete either before or during the visit. Have a big assignment due for school a couple of days into his trip? Make sure you schedule time to complete it beforehand. Know you have to work late on one of the days he’s here? Be sure you let him know and maybe plan something special together the next night. You don’t need to put your life on hold during the visit, but be prepared to tackle all of your responsibilities while still spending lots of time together.

Step 2. Get Clean – My apartment tends to get messy quickly since I live alone, but I always need to make sure I clean it before Jay visits. Nobody wants to come off of 10 hours of travel into a messy apartment. Organize your home to make him feel more welcome there.

Step 3. Shop Ahead of Time – Unless your SO likes to go grocery shopping with you (strangely enough, Jay enjoys it) you should stock up on a few of their favorite foods before their arrival. That means no rushing to the store on the way back from the airport or when he’s still jet-lagged the next day!

Step 4. Don’t Contain Your Excitement – You haven’t seen each other in months, let it show! There’s no better feeling than feeling loved. Show him how happy you are that he’s made the trip to see you. The visit will be a lot more fun if you both have that spark.

Of course, all visits with your long distance SO are well worth the wait. Why not make them even better?!


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