The Best Cheesy Slogans for LDR Cards


I haven’t written anything really fun in a long time and I finally found a subject worth a post. Since Jay’s birthday is around the corner I’ve been looking for cheesy lines to write on a card for him. It’s important to us that we keep our joking relationship especially because the distance can be so difficult sometimes. We’ve never been much for romantic mushy things. So for all you fellow jokey types, I have compiled my favorite LDR card sayings:

I Choose You – I’m talking to you, Pokémon fans! Nothing says playful and jokey like reliving your childhood through cartoons. And if you’re a fan of Pokémon GO, this card is even more perfect for you.

Missin’ your Buns – Food. Puns. Perfect.

You are the Apple to my Pie – I especially love this one because Jay is Dutch which means apple pie is kind of his thing. Plus, if you send this card maybe you’ll get a pie out of it during your next visit!

I really really miss ewe – This one is cute and has an animal pun, can’t go wrong with that!

eiffel in love with you – Who doesn’t love a good pun? Jay and I went to Paris during our last visit together and I love this card. Maybe it’ll spark some plans for a new travel adventure!

I miss you a waffle lot – Mmmm, waffles…

And The Cheesiest Card Award goes to….

You have a pizza my heart – There is probably nothing Jay loves more than pizza so I can’t think of a better card saying for him!

I’m not sure I’ll buy any of these or make a card with my own silly saying, but they’re definitely worth a mention. Do you have any favorite LDR cards or cheesy lines?




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