Birthday Blues


Every year since Jay moved away we’ve celebrated each other’s birthday together over Skype. We each buy (or bake) a small cake and eat it as part of a long-distance birthday bash. Lo and behold, this Friday is Jay’s birthday! Unfortunately for me, I am working early that morning and then away for my sister’s bachelorette weekend. Jay and I plan to Skype the early morning of his birthday (6pm for me on Thursday night and midnight for him on Friday morning, but something feels different this year.

Maybe the whole celebration feels rushed because I have to squeeze it in before heading away for a weekend. Or maybe it’s because I will hardly get to talk to him on his birthday and for the few days directly following it. Perhaps it’s because I will see him in less than 2 weeks and I’m just missing an opportunity to share his birthday with him in person. Or maybe it’s because his family will all be there to  host a party for him and I’m too far away to even get an invite.

Regardless of why I feel this negative energy surrounding Jay’s birthday, I can’t let it show. People in LDRs know how to compromise, and I am no stranger to this. My card is en route  and I’ll have my cake and a big smile ready for tomorrow night’s Skype festivities. After all, whether I spend Jay’s birthday with him in person or I get to see him a week later, we’ll be sure to have a memorable celebration. And who knows, maybe this will be the last of Jay’s birthdays that we spend away from one another. I think I can handle a little Skype cake for one more year.





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