Knock Knock, He’s Here

The day has finally arrived! Jay flew in this afternoon so I spent the morning tidying up my apartment before heading for the airport. The cellphone lot was a bit more creepy than I expected (I saw drivers drinking, smoking, and relieving themselves on a fence), but luckily Jay called to rescue me soon after I got there.

It’s funny that we saw each other just four months ago, we continued to talk almost every day, and we are still awkward around each other whenever we reunite! But once we get past the first few awkward hours it’s just like we were always together.

We celebrated our reunion by making one of our favorite meals, delicious chicken parm pasta. It’s something we made all the time when we first started dating and it’s been a classic ever since then. I couldn’t think of a better way to start our visit. 


6 thoughts on “Knock Knock, He’s Here

    1. It really is a surreal feeling. No matter how long or short our separation is, I still get butterflies seeing him stroll out of the airport or standing there when I get through Customs. People always complain about being in a LDR, but these are some of the best memories I have in life.

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      1. I couldn’t agree more! I’ve tried to share my positive LDR experiences through this blog. Sure it’s not how I pictured my relationship to go, but I definitely make the best of the situation. We dated for 2 years prior to the distance and it’s been almost 2 years since Jay moved away. A lot of moments from our long-distance era are among my favorites!


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