I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

Jay left last night, but not before we had another great weekend together. It was the first and only weekend during his visit where we had no planned events. This gave us the unique opportunity to create our own schedule for a couple of days.

Friday evening was rainy and windy, perfect weather for soup and Netflix. Jay picked me up from work and we started prepping our homemade soup. I have never cooked homemade tomato soup before and Jay’s last experience ended with soup exploded all over his kitchen so our expectations weren’t too high. Luckily that made it easy to impress ourselves! The soup was a perfect compliment to our Parmesan-encrusted grilled cheeses. But the night was just beginning…

Jay loves movies and we always try to watch a bunch when we’re together. We didn’t have any ready in our lineup to watch so we settled on The Legend of Tarzan. The graphics were a bit odd, there were a few over-the-top action scenes, and the story is quite a bit different from the cartoon version. Although it won’t make our top 10 list (or probably even top 50) it was a decent and enjoyable movie.

Saturday was a little bittersweet since it was Jay’s last full day here. We both felt a little sad about it, but we wanted to make the most of the day. The weather was crappy, so we had to get creative. Luckily Arsenal FC was playing so we could cheer them on in the morning. One of our friends we haven’t seen in years was also visiting so we met up with her for lunch. Afterwards we headed home for a little more Netflix.

Saturday night was our last “date night” for this visit. We decided to check out the newly opened Cheesecake Factory in my town even though they don’t take reservations. Luckily the restaurant is attached to our local mall so we killed some of our waiting time in BARNES & NOBLE, one of our favorite stores to browse. I even bought a book for my little nephew! Then it was back to waiting…

Usually Jay and I are a bit impatient when it comes to things like this, but something felt different this  night. We genuinely didn’t mind the long wait, slow service, and small problems with our food. For this night it was just about us spending time together before he left. We ate way too much delicious food, took our cheesecakes to go, and cuddled up catching up on the last few episodes of Shameless.

Sunday we woke up to sun, a nice little parting gift for Jay. We had a lazy start, eating breakfast while watching Love Actually (If you haven’t seen this movie you need to watch it at least once). The weather made for a perfect Fall day so we went to the local Nature Center to explore woodsy trails and see farm animals. After that it was back home for some last minute packing before the airport.

I was sad to start the drive to JFK, but I couldn’t help but feel happy because of the amazing weekend we had together. Good food, Netflix, nature, and my dude. I wouldn’t change a thing from our visit.

I’m so glad that I got to spend over a month with him and that our last weekend was special. In just a couple of months I’ll be heading back to the airport to visit Jay. And the next time he visits me Jay will be moving here!



2 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

  1. One thing I love reading LDR visits are the thing that you and your partner did. I can tell by the photos posted that you and Jay really had fun. Btw, you look lovely together. And I’m happy for you both ~

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    1. Aww thank you, Kristine! I haven’t kept up with blogging as much as I’d like to while Jay was here, but I thought I’d give a little snapshot of our visit by sharing our last weekend’s adventures. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and hope you are doing well!


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