Broken Conversations


Lately Jay and I have been really busy. Both of us shifted focus back to our individual work that we neglected during the recent visit. Jay has been trying to finish up his thesis while I have been studying for the first of many actuarial exams (which I took today and failed, oops). On top of that, I was in a car accident 5 days after Jay left. Besides minor soreness and abrasions I am fine, but my new car (yup, I only had it for 11 days) took a lot of damage. Even though the accident wasn’t my fault, there was a lot to sort out with insurance, repair shops, and a rental car company. Getting in a car accident is much more annoying and exhausting than I ever would have thought…

So now Jay and I are trying to pick up the pieces of our own lives while still finding time to talk to one another. We try to talk as much as we can while still focusing on our own obligations but both of us are stressing a little about our work (and me about my car) so we have a lot on our mind. Often we’ll just study/write while on Skype together and other times we’ll just space out for long periods of time or have broken conversations. The amount of times I get distracted and have to ask Jay “huh?” or “sorry, what?!” has increased dramatically in the last few weeks. To some people our connection may not seem as strong, but  we need to prioritize our tasks to benefit ourselves right now. In a way, the silence on Skype is just our way of supporting each other in our personal endeavors.

I want to focus on my own goals while motivating Jay to achieve his own goals. We  may not be able to directly help each other (Jay can’t help teach my probability and I can’t write a paper about planes for him) but being in the presence of each other is a good method of support. Just because our conversations are broken doesn’t mean our connection isn’t strong.




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