Tis the Season!

Hey, all! Can you believe it’s December already?! 2016 is flying by! December is one of my favorite months because it’s home to three holidays (New Year’s Eve, Christmas (and Eve), and my birthday). Tis the season for hanging little white lights, buying presents, and baking cookies. It’s time for family visits, Secret Santa, and fun jingly music. And this year it’s the month where I fly to Holland for a foreign holiday experience.

This Christmas will be the first one where I’m not with my family. It’s uncharted territory for me, but I’m really excited for it. Arriving in a different country on Christmas Eve? Sounds pretty awesome to me! It’s a unique experience that most people will never get to have in life, and I’m experiencing it when I’m just 24. I’ve already arranged to deliver my family’s presents ahead of time and to Skype them during the holidays. I’m incredibly grateful for meeting Jay because he has motivated my sense of adventure and inspired me to travel whenever I get a spare moment. A few years ago I never would have considered ditching my family for Christmas, but this  I’m ready to hop on that plane. This holiday season will certainly be one to remember.



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