A Sick Beginning

Jay and I rang in the New Year together (for the first time) from the Netherlands. We eagerly awaited the national fireworks display that would shoot off right outside his building, but the fog was so thick even the TV broadcasts didn’t catch much of it. After a couple of hours celebrating we hopped into bed for a “nap” since my flight left early that morning!

We awoke a few hours later, both feeling a bit sick. I was in a bad condition for travel, but gathered my things and we headed for the airport. During the car ride I started to feel a little bit better, but things changed while I waited to check in. I got sick once more in the airport before saying goodbye to Jay and heading to security. It was hardly the send-off either of us expected, and was a much different ending to the trip than any we’ve had before. Even with a crappy end to the trip there is so much to look back on and smile about. We crammed so much activity into such a small visit and I finally got to experience some Dutch traditions I’ve only heard about in the past.


After 18 hours of traveling and several cups of mint tea, I arrived home. I ate a bland meal of rice and beans, before face-planting on my bed for a much needed sleep. This morning I’m feeling a bit better, but I’m still weary about eating certain things or doing anything very physical.

It seems like ages ago that I was standing in Schiphol Airport, hugging Jay goodbye. While I’m always sad to leave Jay, it will be nice to get back into my own routine. I have a lot of pictures to look back at from my visit and a lot of goodies I brought home to eat and share with friends. I’m excited to tell my family and friends about all of our adventures and even more excited that the next time I see Jay we’ll be closing the gap!


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