New Year’s Eve


A month ago I was in Holland celebrating the holidays with Jay and his family. We had so many adventures together and I learned a lot about Dutch traditions while I was there this time. To wrap up my visit we had a New Year’s celebration complete with oliebollen and appelflappen, two Dutch treats I had never tasted before!

I have always seen oliebollen in street markets, but never stopped to try one. During my recent trip new stands popped up in all of the major cities since oliebollen are a New Year’s tradition. The only people who seemed to buy these ones were tourists, so I decided to keep waiting until I got to try fresh homemade oliebollen.

While I waited for the oliebollen to cook, I helped prep for the appelflappen. First your peel apples, then you decore them and slice horizontally into rings. Toss them in a little cinnamon sugar and then into the batter right before frying.

Screenshot_20170108-213640 (2).jpg
freshly fried batch of appelflappen

I tried both appelflappen and oliebollen for the first time on New Year’s Eve. After all the anticipation I really hoped they lived up to the hype! It was really fun to help make the appelflappen and learn more about Dutch traditions. (I even got to see pictures of Jay when he was a kid making oliebollen with his family).

Screenshot_20170108-213635 (2).jpg
The oliebollen are ready to eat!

So how did they taste?!

The oliebollen were like giant doughnut holes. They’re a little bit more dense since they’re fried and these ones had little bits of apple, currants, and raisins inside. Top one with some powdered sugar and you are good to go! I only had room to eat one of each, but the oliebol and appelflap I tried were both delicious. I’m glad I was able to take part in Jay’s New Year’s Eve traditions and that I finally tasted these two Dutch treats.



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