My Travel Wishlist


Recently I put together a list of places to see and things to do in Paris and Dublin for one of my friends. Another one of my friends asked me to join her in a trip to Italy (yay!) and a coworker asked where my next vacation will be. So I got to thinking…where do I want to go next? There are so many places to choose from and so little time to see them all.

So here you have 10 of the travel places on my bucket list:

Venice (and the rest of Italy) – I love the idea of floating in a gondola on gorgeous blue water, hopping off to buy some hand-blown glass, and eating a delicious bowl of pasta.

Prague – There’s something about Prague. Every time I see a picture of it I am drawn to the beauty of the city. It just looks like somewhere I want to be.

Austria – This has been one of the top places on my list every time I think about traveling somewhere new. It always seems like one of those “hidden gem” locations that people don’t normally think of, but that is filled with gorgeous nature and architecture.

China – Where in China? I haven’t the slightest idea. I have become friends with several Chinese people over the years and I am so intrigued by their culture. I would love to experience some of it first-hand.

South Africa – The nature of Africa is something I never truly believe I can see because it is so different than anywhere I’ve ever been before. I want to see the animals, the waterfalls, and the unique landscapes that you can’t find on any other continent.

Cambodia – From what I can see, Cambodia has fascinating architecture and beautiful nature. I think it would be such an amazing country to explore because I know so little of its history.

Canada – I have lived in the USA all of my life. I’ve traveled to Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Bahamas, and Australia…but I have never visited my bordering country of Canada! I want to hope over the border and see some nature!

The Philippines – Shout-out to all the bloggers from the Philippines! Seeing all of the photos and reading about life in the Philippines has really made me want to visit!

Spain – I haven’t narrowed down where in Spain I’d like to visit (because I want to see it all). I took Spanish in high school and almost minored in it at university so I think I could converse with locals at least well enough to get by…but I have always wanted to experience Spain.

BONUS: South America – I seriously cannot pick one country to visit in South America because they all seem so beautiful. Ecuador, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia…can I see them all?!

I haven’t chosen my next travel destination just yet, but hopefully I can find one soon! I can’t wait for my next adventure. Where to go, who to bring,…there are so many things to plan. I should get started on that!




2 thoughts on “My Travel Wishlist

  1. I want to visit Venice and Italy as well. Like I am soooo amazed with the architectural details and it’s just seem a lovely place! And yay, Philippines!! There’s tons of places to visit in the Philippines and I’m sure you’ll love it there. Haha

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    1. Venice is just one of those places I always see in movies that doesn’t seem real because it’s too perfect, hehe. I love hearing about the Philippines so hopefully someday I’ll get to see it πŸ™‚


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