LDR Valentine’s Day on a Budget

valentines-day-624440_1920Valentine’s Day is next week already (eek! so soon) and if you’re still struggling on how to send your SO something special while staying on budget, you’ve still got some time! LDR gifts can cost a lot of money. You have to buy a gift, package it, and ship it…and all of these costs add up! If you’re strapped for cash (I know I am at the moment) then you have to be careful on how much you spend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send something thoughtful to your SO for Valentine’s Day.

Go Homemade – Make your own card or photo collage. Give your favorite picture of both of you together in a simple frame. Looking for some ideas for cool homemade gifts? Browse Pinterest or take a look at what other people make on Etsy.

Postpone The Shipment – Really want to save some money? Wait until after Valentine’s Day to purchase the goodies. Discounted candy and cards is a perfect way to save money as long as you and your SO are fine with celebrating a little later in the month. And if you are seeing each other a couple months or less after Valentine’s Day try holding onto your gifts until you can exchange them in person.

The Lighter the BetterΒ – Avoid the heavier items when shopping because these will seriously affect your shipping costs. Keep it light to keep the cost down.

Go Local – International shipping costs really cramping your style? Try researching gift places in your SO’s country. Ship a bouquet of flowers, some cookies, a cake, or another gift from around them. You won’t have to worry about shipping and the gift will end up right at their door!

The Gift of Time – Really short on money? Plan a romantic Skype date. Buy ingredients to cook the same meal “together” while you celebrate. Then you can compare the finished dishes! Watch a movie or tv show together and just spend some really nice quality time together. And if you want to be really fancy, dress up a little nicer to really make the date special.

Regardless of what you decide, these budget-friendly Valentine’s ideas are sure to leave an impression. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and togetherness, which can be tricky for LDR couples. These simple tips will help you share your love even across the distance without breaking the bank.


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