Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

I really enjoyed seeing all of the love shared yesterday for Valentine’s Day. It’s refreshing to see people exchanging boxes of chocolates and getting bouquets of flowers instead of arguing about politics or complaining about work. For Jay and I February 14th wasn’t any different from any other day. I ended up working late and he had to head to bed early to be well rested for a meeting the next day. So we planned to delay our romantic festivities until the next day.

So today, February 15th was our Valentine’s Day. It stated the same as any other day, him writing his thesis while I head off to work. We planned to bake a dessert “together” over Skype so I left work a little early to pick up the ingredients and head home. Jay found us a great recipe for Raspberry and Brownie Trifles with homemade whipped cream, yum!

Together we made two separate versions of the dessert while on Skype. We did each step in unison until I fell behind (I’m always a bit slower in the kitchen) and sent each other close-up pictures of the process as we went along. The final products were not the most picture-worthy, but they tasted pretty delicious!

STEP ONE: Make the brownie batter.

Jay’s phone camera takes weird pictures, so his looked a bit red…I suppose that’s pretty suitable for a Valentine’s dessert!


STEP TWO: Bake the brownies.

Neither of us were very impressed with this brownie recipe, but damn did they smell good! Jay’s batch is on the left and mine is on the right. 


STEP THREE: Whip that cream!

I like my whipped cream (top) to be light and fluffy while Jay likes his (bottom) a little more stiff. He could even flip the bowl over without any falling out! 


STEP FOUR: Assemble the trifles.

Jay made his trifle with strawberries and topped it with chocolate shavings, yum! I used raspberries on mine and even had a small dish of them on the side. 


It’s been a long time since we’ve had a really great Skype date so this one felt extra special. Both Jay and I love to cook but we thought midnight was a little late for him to make a dinner so we settled on dessert. It was really fun baking together from thousands of miles away and comparing our results. I’m not sure I’ll ever use the brownie recipe again, but I loved making homemade whipped cream. I really like the idea of a trifle for dessert since it does have (a teeny) healthy component with the fruit and it’s always fun to make the layers. Maybe next time I make one I’ll have a better dish to use than my mini Heineken glass from my first trip to Holland!


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