MM3: March 2017

It’s that time again….time for My Monthly Three goals! I have not been very good at remembering my monthly goals this year, so hopefully the third month’s a charm! Last month I chose three really important goals that I think I will continue to strive for throughout the whole year. I made some progress in February, but definitely need to change my ways if I want to fully achieve those goals.

My first goal was to Live Healthier. I want to exercise more, eat better, stay hydrated, get enough sleep,…there are too many habits to adopt! I started by downloading the 30 Day Fitness app to get back into exercise, I did some meal prep, and even started going to bed earlier than I used to. These are all relatively simple ways to help get myself on track for a healthier lifestyle.

My second goal is probably the one I made the most progress with because it’s something I actually enjoy…learning Dutch! I have both the Rosetta Stone app and Duolingo app to help me learn Dutch. I’m currently on my 20th day of a streak on Duolingo (yay!) and almost done with the first main unit of Rosetta Stone’s program. I also have a Donald Duck book (courtesy of Jay) that I use to practice pronouncing Dutch words.

The last February goal for me was to save more money. I definitely saw an increase in savings this month. I didn’t go out to eat or to grab drinks, instead I made meals in and tried to find cheap or freeย activities. I also use both Ibotta and BevRage to get money back from purchases of food and alcohol. It’s almost like free money!

But now it’s a new month. New month, new goals. In March I want to tweak my February goals to make them a little more specific.

Goal One: Exercise at least 5 days a week. Whether I do a 10 minute workout from my fitness app, go for a run, or attend a fitness class…I want to exercise at least 5 days every week. I find that I spend too much time sitting on my butt and not enough moving. It’s time to change that!

Goal Two: Learn how to have a Dutch conversation. This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I want to be able to have a short conversation with Jay in Dutch. Maybe say hello and ask about his day or tell him about what I will do tomorrow. I want to be able to understand native speakers and think on my feet to respond as well…let’s see how this goes!

Goal Three: Eat breakfast. This seems like a relatively easy goal, but I have never been able to achieve it. I rarely eat breakfast. Occasionally I’ll grab a piece of fruit before heading out the door, but this is a pitiful excuse for a breakfast! I’m not sure whether I need to wake up earlier, get to work later, or prepare breakfasts ahead of time…but I am willing to try all of these if it means my belly is fuller in the mornings. After all, breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day!

We’re already 3 days into March and I’m just setting goals. Better late than never I suppose…let’s see how the rest of the month goes! With any luck (and lots of dedication) I’ll be a well-fed bilingual athlete by the end of this…





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