Photo Notes From Around the World

Today I want to dedicate time to my LDR friends who reached out to me recently about helping them with a photo project for their SO. I received two separate direct messages on Instagram last week asking for my help with these really cool projects and I can’t believe this is the first time I heard of projects like these.

How it works:

Both of these lovely ladies are gathering photos from all over the world to gift to their SO. They send a short message to other people in LDRs (I got both as direct messages on Instagram) containing instructions on how to participate.

If the person receiving the message chooses to participate all they have to do is write a pre-determined note (this will be in the instructions) on decorated paper and snap a picture of it in a nice place around their hometown! They send it back and they’re done!

What Makes This Awesome

By participating in this activity you are helping someone spread their love across a great distance. You get to show your support for others in a LDR and help them surprise their SO with a cute gift.

And if you’re the one asking for photos, you’ll not only be able to give your SO a big collection of love notes from all over the globe, but you’ll also get to interact with other people in a LDR, forming a bigger network of LDR friends!

Still confused on how it works?

I received two messages with specific notes to write and actually decided to take pictures of them on the same day. Check out an example:



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