A Touch of Beauty: Birchbox Review

I don’t do product reviews often (especially if they aren’t LDR-related) but my cousin bought me a 3-month subscription to Birchbox and I thought it was a pretty awesome concept. Of course it’s been around for awhile now, but this is the first time I have any experience with Birchbox. I just received my first box this weekend and was eager to see what product samples they sent me. I’m not very good when it comes to makeup and beauty regimens so I don’t go out of my way to experiment with new products. Birchbox is just what I need to introduce me to different beauty products for my daily routine.

The Box
This is what my first Birchbox looks like. It’s a simple and small box, but it serves the purpose. The box is a good size and sturdy, making it perfect for the beauty samples. I also think it’s a good size to reuse for something else once I use the samples inside.

The Samples
My box came with 5 products. As someone who doesn’t purchase beauty products much, I was hoping for a wide variety….and I was not disappointed! My box came with a sample of leave-in conditioner, a face peel, multi-use balm, lip stain, and a perfume.

My Quick Thoughts
I don’t want to go into a full review of the products because of my limited knowledge of and experience with beauty products, but I was impressed with the selection in my first Birchbox. Here’s my quick run-down of each item:

Perfume: If you’re above the age of 70 this might be for you, but I was not excited to smell like a musty garden.
Lip Stain: This stain had subtle color, but it was a great one. It’s really easy to use and you don’t need to apply much for a nice color. It goes on smoothly and makes my lips feel great!
Balm: Despite what it says on the package, I found this to only work on lips and not on skin. It did repel water from my hand where I tested it (kind of like the feathers of a duck), but it felt sticky to the touch and was hard to clean off. As a lip balm it’s pretty great, but not much different than Vaseline.
Face Peel: It peeled…or maybe just clumped itself together? Regardless, my face did feel softer and cleaner after one use. I just didn’t notice any visible difference in my skin.
Leave-in Conditioner: It smells like an overly-sweet Lip Smacker lip gloss from my childhood and it added too much weight to my hair. Maybe it’s more suitable for people with thicker hair, but all it did for me was make my head smell like a candy store.

Overall Review of Birchbox
I think Birchbox is a really great subscription service. They offer a variety of samples for different types of products. This allows you to find great new products whether you have a specific type in mind already or you aren’t sure what to try next (like me)! Once you try the products you can purchase full-sized versions with free shipping and review all of your samples for points online. This is a really cool gift idea for any lady friend and can be really cool for LDR couples as well….who doesn’t love a surprise box full of beauty products?


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