3 Tips to Make Your LDR Easier


Relationships are like mountains. They can be truly beautiful things but you have to work even harder to make it to the top. LDRs are the tallest of mountains, with the perfect view at the peak. But sometimes you might get stuck on your way up the mountain, struggling to climb the rest of the way. In a LDR you may find yourself stopping more frequently, trying to convince yourself the top is worth all this effort. But it’s hard, and at times you’ll be tempted to start the trek back down. Luckily, there are a lot of simple things to help keep you moving upward.

  1. Mail. This may sound silly, but coming home to a letter in my mailbox or a package on my front stoop can instantly boost my mood. And a letter from my SO is even better. If you’re having trouble in your LDR try sending letters to your SO and ask them to return the favor. It may seem silly at first (especially since it may take weeks for them to receive the mail) but you may find that snail mail is actually still a meaningful form of communication.
  2. New Hobbies. Believe it or not, finding a new hobby for yourself can help your LDR thrive. Often times you may find a lull in the conversation when you Skype your SO. This may be caused by a lack of activity in your separate lives. Try something new and then tell your SO all about it. Encourage them to try new things and I promise your chats will be more lively!
  3. Share a Story or a Show. One of the best things about my LDR is that we do reserve certain shows for LDR dates. If we can’t think of anything to talk about we just turn on an episode of New Girl or Shameless. This not only re-sparks the conversation by giving us something to talk about, but it also gives us even more reason to look forward to talking to each other. This concept works with books too. If you both want to read a book “together” set time frames for different sections of the book. Maybe you read a few chapters a week or you have to get to part two in the next two weeks. Whichever method you choose, it’ll be fun to catch up with each other at the “deadline” and talk about what you’ve read so far.

Relationships take time. They take a lot of work. You may start drifting a little bit apart before you get even closer in your relationship. So if you find yourself tripping on the trek up the mountain, don’t sweat it. Just try something  a little bit new. You’ll be amazed at how a simple letter, a new hobby, or a book can revive the struggling parts of your LDR and help you both reach the peak.


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