Our (Unexpected) Favorite Date Spots

Being in a LDR, it’s hard to think of the best places to bring your SO during a visit. You want to highlight the best restaurants in your city but need to be conscious about spending since it takes a lot of money to travel long distance. There may be a lot of activities on your To-Do List that just don’t make the cut due to time or money. But after a nice visit with Jay I never regret skipping a restaurant or two. We have developed somewhat of a trend with our visits, so much so that we have favorite “date spots” when visiting each other. And they might not be what you expect…

1. Taco Bell


Jay can’t come back to the USA without visiting Taco Bell. For some trips, it’s the first stop we take after leaving the airport. I was always hesitant to even try Taco Bell, but at some point Jay changed my mind (my stomach both loves and hates him for that). Now Taco Bell is a must during visits here. Best of all, next time I visit Jay we’ll be able to visit Taco Bell in the Netherlands, which held it’s grand-opening last week!

2. McDonalds

Starting to see a trend? Jay and I both rarely eat fast food so it becomes kind of a fun “treat” for when we are together. When I visited him this past December we stopped by McDonald’s to try their “World Famous” McKroket. And when he visits me here we stop by for a quick meal during our adventures. We even went to one in Australia when he lived there where you can custom order burgers…they were amazing!



This is a Dutch-only date spot. I’m not even sure if you can consider it a spot…it’s more of a speck! FEBO are hard to explain for someone who doesn’t see them often, which is what intrigued me most about them. Jay tried to describe them to me and they sounded super sketchy. My best explanation is that it’s the Dutch’s version of street food, but instead of a cart you have a self-service vending machine with several small drawers in a well, each with its own coin slot. Find the little drawer with the food item you want and pop in a euro to unlock it. My personal favorite is the kaas soufflé!

4. Home


One of the things we miss most about each other is having another chef in the kitchen to experiment with and perfect recipes. We always try to plan a few “classics” when we’re together while also looking for a new recipe or two to try during the visit. It’s a lot more fun cooking together and our food (usually) is delicious! We’ve tried making arancini and jalapeno poppers, pasta carbonara, steak, and even homemade pasta. The best part? We don’t need to dress up for dinner!

5. “Fancy” Dinner Out


We do usually try to squeeze in a “fancy” meal during visits where we dress a little nicer and go to a restaurant. Typically we order drinks and food, sometimes even splurging for an appetizer and a dessert. In the USA our favorite restaurant is Barcelona Wine Bar because we can order a lot of different tapas and enjoy a nice meal out. In the Netherlands we went to the Hotel New York restaurant as our last date night of the trip. It’s always fun to treat yourself once in awhile and we make sure to do that with food.

Whether we’re at a fancy restaurant, the drive-through of a Taco Bell, or my tiny apartment kitchen we always have fun around food. We love cooking, eating, and talking about meals. Some of our best conversations start with “Remember when we ate….” and a lot of my favorite memories with Jay involve cooking or going out to eat. They say that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach and there might be truth to that…it’s certainly true for me!


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