What I’ll Miss After Closing the Gap


So it’s official…Jay is flying back to the USA this week! It’s such a strange feeling for both of us…it almost doesn’t seem real! We’ve been long distance for almost three years now and it’s hard to believe we’ll be close to each other so soon. We were given an obstacle that several other couples choose not to accept and we turned it into a really valuable experience. Sure LDRs are stressful and sometimes leave you feeling emotionally unstable, but there are a lot of positive things that result from a LDR. I’m really excited for Jay to come back so we can start a new adventure together, but I will actually miss some aspects of the distance.

“Perks” of a LDR

Freedom – In a LDR I feel more free than other people. I’m in a relationship but I also live by myself. I can still embrace my weird quirks while living alone and don’t have to worry about someone else’s feelings/judgments during my day-to-day activities. If I want devour a whole box of mac and cheese and then munch on some Hot Pockets, I can do that judgment free. If I choose to wash my dishes the next day, nobody will be there to tell me it’s gross. I’m free to let myself relax a little since there isn’t another person around very often.

Creativity – Jay and I started to get pretty creative because of the distance. We sent packages to each other, mailed letters, alternated writing parts of a story, and even managed to play Guess Who on Skype. I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed some of our “games” and activities created due to the distance between us.

Anticipation – One of the best parts about a LDR is the excitement you get before a next visit. For a whole week (or more) before a trip I would get butterflies in my stomach. I feel lighter, happier, and more distracted at work. There’s something incredible, yet indescribable about the anticipation of a LDR visit. I still remember that first time Jay took a trip back here…that feeling is truly unparalleled. The closest thing I can think of is when you kiss someone you like for the very first time and your whole body flutters with excitement and happiness.

Vacation – Being in a LDR, you’re almost expected to travel to see your SO. It’s a great excuse to have a vacation and travel somewhere new! I loved visiting Australia (despite all of the spiders, eeek!) and going to Europe to visit Jay. My vacations took on a double meaning since I was visiting him while also exploring a new country.

While I’m obviously excited for Jay to move back here (it’s about time he came back!)there are a few things related to my LDR that I will always remember and might even miss! Jay and I both took advantage of the best parts of our LDR while we were away from each other. I learned a lot from the distance, was able to meet lots of other people in LDRs through online communities and Social Media channels, and was able to travel to places I never before considered visiting. Jay and I have formed an even stronger bond over the past few years and I think distance (ironically) was a large contributor to our closeness. I’m grateful that I was given the chance to experience a LDR and that Jay and I took on the challenge. Our relationship is stronger and we are closer than when he first left in the summer of 2014. I can’t wait to welcome him back and see what new adventures are in store for us this year!


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