MM3: February 2017

Happy February! It’s hard to believe that we are already one month into 2017! All of January seems like one hectic blur now. But what a perfect day to restart My Monthly 3. I haven’t written a goals post as often as I’d like, so here goes a new and improved 2017 MM3. Goal 1: … More MM3: February 2017

My Travel Wishlist

Recently I put together a list of places to see and things to do in Paris and Dublin for one of my friends. Another one of my friends asked me to join her in a trip to Italy (yay!) and a coworker asked where my next vacation will be. So I got to thinking…where do … More My Travel Wishlist

New Year’s Eve

A month ago I was in Holland celebrating the holidays with Jay and his family. We had so many adventures together and I learned a lot about Dutch traditions while I was there this time. To wrap up my visit we had a New Year’s celebration complete with oliebollen and appelflappen, two Dutch treats I had never tasted … More New Year’s Eve

The Simple Joys

Today I got a package from Jay in the mail. There’s something really exciting about getting mail, especially if it’s an unexpected box filled with surprise gifts! I knew a few things that Jay was sending because I got too many Christmas gifts from his family and wasn’t able to fit them all in my … More The Simple Joys

“World Famous”

I arrived in Amsterdam mid morning on Christmas Eve. It was only the second time I would get to spend this holiday with Jay and I couldn’t wait to see him! I anxiously awaited my suitcase in baggage claim, knowing that he was just on the other side of the glass waiting for me. After almost … More “World Famous”